Private Processing

Product Description

SkinningR3.50 per kg
Meat Processing/CuttingR8.00 per kg


Biltong (Wet)R15.65 per kg
Chilli Bites (Wet)R17.65 per kg
Droewors (Wet)R27.10 per kg
Biltong (Dry)R20.05 per kg
Chilli Bites (Dry)R20.50 per kg
BraaiworsR25.55 per kg
Thin BraaiworsR30.05 per kg
BangersR35.10 per kg
Russians - ThickR45.70 per kg
Russians - ThinR50.20 per kg
Cheese GrillersR62.45 per kg
CabanossiR50.20 per kg
SalamiR48.40 per kg
SosatiesR22.25 per kg
PattiesR21.95 per kg
MinceR13.55 per kg
Cut of Meat Chops etc)R8.00 per kg
Droewors (Dry)R31.55 per kg

*includes all processing, spices and packaging


Brisket FatR75.00 per kg
PorkR60.00 per kg
BodyfatR36.00 per kg
CheeseR115.00 per kg
BoxR20.00 per box

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